writer; mother of Theatrical Poetry | Sanskari Girl

I am from a mother who suffers, in ways
your mother gardens.
I am from a long line
of paranoid women.
I respond to shame
like it were my name.

I am from the better opportunity economy
where teenagers trade
backyards for abandonment issues. …

Wake up alone, go to bed alone. Once in your life find a space in this world that is completely yours. Live alone.

Solitude, when chosen — not forced, not imposed — will reflect the essence of the human experience.

Wake up alone, go to bed alone. Make your bed…

I don’t believe that, naturally, we are a people who know how to love. Maybe there is a maternal instinct that, like, progresses the species and makes us bring abandoned puppies home, but romantically — we don’t have a clue. I think we learn to love. And that is one…

There is a crooked Croatian man
with a crooked Cymric cat.
He will love my crooked smile.

There is a Polynesian woman
with pretty porous eyes.
She will show me kindness
I wish I had been born into.

There is a flowering friend in Philly.
She will give me her prettiest…

When no one but us is in love like us,
when any where but here is separation.

When the world seems to end everyday.
You can, you say. So I am asking you today.

Why not stay.

Why not let the visa run over,
why not let the tea boil over…

I have always loved dating. I have always loved being asked out — in a bar or a MacDs or even a dating app. I like the ritual of it. All the awkwardness. The frivolous fainting over the perfect dress. The thrill of dressing for someone else. …

Nupur Saraswat

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